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Air Noise Environment is a specialist science and engineering consultancy with key expertise in the fields of:

  • acoustics
  • air quality
  • stack emission testing
  • occupational monitoring and
  • environmental management.

The company commenced operations in 1998, and since that time has developed an outstanding reputation for providing high quality services. Our primary objective is to deliver client focussed, technically robust services at a competitive price. We understand that every project is unique and presents different challenges. Because our team comprises experts in the fields of air quality science and acoustic engineering, we are able to develop a cost effective project scope that draws on the most up to date research and technology for each and every client.

ANE currently has a technical team of 10 plus 2 support staff. This technical team offers a great depth of experience with a combined experience of over 50 years, and includes a number of noted experts in the fields of air quality and acoustics. Our staff turnover is negligible, and this stability enhances the team work and shared knowledge and experience that we offer to our clients.

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Our Services

The knowledge, skills and experience we offer revolve around our core disciplines of Air Quality, Acoustics and Environmental Management. We are one of the few companies that offer dedicated air quality and noise specialists as opposed to multi disciplinary environmental staff, hence ensuring the depth of expertise offered is second to none. Key staff regularly provide expert evidence in Court. This further demonstrates the value that is placed on our expertise.

The consulting services offered by Air Noise Environment encompass all aspects of air quality and noise projects. This includes:

  • completing the initial air and noise monitoring
  • computational modelling of potential impacts
  • development of mitigation and control solutions
  • assessment against regulatory requirements and
  • on-going compliance monitoring and auditing.

Our client base is very broad, and includes clients in all sectors – manufacturing, resources, commercial, development, oil and gas, construction, legal and government clients, as well as other consultancies and research organisations.

In addition to our core service areas, Air Noise Environment maintains third party NATA accreditation for a range of stack emission, ambient air, occupational air and meteorological monitoring services. The company also offers NATA accredited acoustic calibrations through our wholly owned subsidiary, Calibre Technology.

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