Calibre Technology

Calibre Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Noise Environment. Drawing on the extensive experience of Air Noise Environment (ANE) in environmental monitoring, Calibre Technology is pleased to be able to provide the following services and equipment.

Sound Waves


Calibre Technology offers fully traceable acoustic calibration services using a custom calibration system designed and installed at the Calibre Technology Acoustic Calibration Centre by Norsonic, one of the worlds leading acoustic companies.

The Calibre Technology Acoustic Calibration Centre provides calibrations of the following:

  • Sound Level Meters
  • Frequency Analysers
  • Calibrators
  • Microphones
  • Dosimeters

The calibration system is programmed to complete automatic/semi automatic calibrations of a wide range of sound level meters including:

  • All Norsonic models

Numerous models manufactured by:

  • Brüel & Kjær
  • Svantek
  • Rion
  • ARL (including Ngara, 315 and 215)
  • CEL
  • Quest
  • 01dB

For most sound level meters and all Norsonic instruments, a same day calibration service can be offered. A same day calibration service is also offered for all single and dual level or dual frequency calibrators.

The same day service is subject to 2 working days notice being provided, or a 100 % fee applies. Where a same day turnaround is offered, a 'while you wait' service is also available on request.

A one week turnaround service is offered for all other instruments and calibrators.

Svan 943


Calibre Technology has a wide range of environmental monitoring equipment available for daily hire. Using the same technology and equipment used by ANE for it's own monitoring, renting from Calibre Technology ensures that you are hiring equipment that is suitable for the job.

Backed by practical in-house experience in the field means that renting equipment from Calibre Technology will provide the necessary data.

Calibre Technology has the following categories of instruments available for rental:

  • Portable, Accurate Particulate Monitors (Beta Attentuation & High Volume for TSP, PM10 and PM2.5
  • Sound Level Meters, Loggers and Calibrators
  • Gas Analysers and Monitors
  • Occupational Noise and Air Samplers
  • Dustrak Particulate Samplers
  • Deposition Gauges (Rental and for Sale)
  • Weather Stations

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