Surewave Technology

Calibre Technology is the sole distributor for the innovative SureWave range of micro-seismic and sound / vibration analysers in Australia.


SureWave CM3 Noise and Vibration Monitor

Prices as at 1 June 2013 (subject to change without notice):

  • Vibration only, with modem*: $ 6,400 Excluding delivery and GST.
  • Noise only (Type 1), with modem*: $ 6,900 Excluding delivery and GST.
  • Vibration and Noise (Type 1), with modem*: $ 7,900 Excluding delivery and GST.
  • Optional warning alarm (flashing light or audible alarm): $ 600 Excluding delivery and GST.
* SIM card not included


A high quality, rugged noise and vibration logger ideally suited to long term unattended monitoring (construction, mining etc). Full functionality is provided including remote downloading and the ability to SMS text alerts on multiple user specified limits and a range of pre-set alarms. The CM3 provides Type 1 noise monitoring for a range of LAeq and statistical parameters, peak air overblast pressure and includes A and C weighting options.


  • Monitors Noise and Vibration Simultaneously
  • LAeq and statistical periods provided for user selected averaging times.
  • Dual internal batteries and external power lead.
  • Alarm Option for site alerts (Audio + Visual).
  • Up to 7 channels.
  • Unlimited Vibration cable lengths.
  • Remote data collection, automated at user periods.
  • Weather monitoring (Wind speed and Direction).
  • Factory option of 32GB memory storage.,
  • Many options to suit all applications.


SP3 Microseismic Monitoring System

Price: on request.


Micro seismic monitoring is a well established technique for monitoring ground and structural movements. SureWave research has revolutionised the sensitivity of existing micro seismic monitoring methods to the extent that pre-cursors to catastrophic events can now be detected many months in advance.

The SureWave micro-seismic system is centred on a unique signal processing unit. The patented technology filters out all extraneous 'background' signals, such as mining plant movements, allowing the identification and processing of specific target events. This unique ability to screen out interferences from other sources gives the SureWave system unparalleled sensitivity and detection range.

In short, SureWave Technology has broken the seismic 'sound barrier'; a momentous technological breakthrough created by the ability to 'see-through' the background noise.

The Surewave Advantage

The key features of the SureWave system include:

  • ability to monitor from surface mounted transducers – expensive boreholes are no longer required
  • detection range of up to five kilometres horizontally, and to depths of 650 m
  • capable of rapid deployment using a portable system for emergency applications
  • sophisticated software system that provides visualisation of the event history, without the need for post processing

SureWave Applications

The suite of applications offered by SureWave include micro seismic detection of:

  • trapped miners underground
  • hydrogeological movements such as underground streams
  • movements in pit walls and roof structures
  • stability of high walls and slopes
  • progress of fraccing
  • the integrity of surface and underground structures such as high rise buildings, road and rail tunnels, bridges and overpasses

SureWave Technology is also defining the standards for the security industry, by providing surface tracking and illicit tunnel detection systems. This system has been approved by the UK Department of Defence.

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