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CadnaA Noise Model of Live Concert

Entertainment events and concerts, whether internal or external venues, may require an assessment of potential noise impacts prior to an event licence or approval being granted by the licensing authority. In order to comply with regulatory requirements, it may be necessary to complete acoustic modelling, monitoring of existing noise levels, specification of noise limits at the mixer desk and external to the venue, and in some cases development of an event noise management plan may be required. The services offered by Event Noise Management encompass all of these requirements.

One of the more powerful analysis techniques we offer is computational modelling of an event or venue. Event Noise Management develops project specific three-dimensional noise models using the latest computational software packages. The location, position, directivity and frequency response of loud speakers is input to the software to allow accurate prediction of the sound field for the event. The models include consideration of the characteristics of both the noise sources within the venue and external influences such as meteorology, terrain and intervening buildings. The computational modelling approach allows iterative analysis of different stage and speaker locations to be analysed, to assist in optimising the acoustic environment within the venue whilst at the same time minimising external noise spillage.

Noise modelling and/or sound propagation testing can be used to assess the expected noise levels at nearby sensitive locations. This can then be used to determine an appropriate noise control limit at the mixer desk for the event. Different noise limits can be identified for different meteorological conditions, this allowing the noise management during the event to be adjusted to the climatic conditions occurring on the day.

The type of band or entertainer is also an important factor in assessing the likely noise impacts. Event Noise Management utilises acoustic software for construction of a narrow band frequency analysis of the expected music content, and this is input to the sound propagation model to allow assessment of the potential noise impacts of different types of group and band.

Event Noise Management also provides specialist advice in relation to noise legislation and noise control solutions (e.g. selection of speaker systems, recommended site layouts).