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The Head Office of Air Noise Environment is located at premises in Capalaba, Queensland. These premises provide 1200 m² of space that includes:

  • laboratory space for equipment and sample preparation/recovery;
  • 400 m² of office space;
  • warehousing for equipment and vehicle storage.

We have additional premises in Surry Hills, Sydney, where our New South Wales operations are based.

In terms of the physical resources of the company, one of our primary investments is in maintaining a large distributed computer system designed for running the complex mathematical models used by the company. This includes an array of multi-core computers dedicated to meteorological and atmospheric dispersion modelling. The software packages that we operate include:

  • Acoustics:
    • CADNA/A
    • Odeon
    • ENM
    • INM
  • Air Quality
    • TAPM
    • Ausplume
    • CAL3QHC
    • AusRoads
    • ISCST3
    • Aermod
    • Caline4

In addition to an extensive computer modelling network we own and maintain a range of monitoring instruments. These include:

  • sound level meters;
  • frequency analysers;
  • vibration monitors;
  • noise loggers;
  • noise dosimeters;
  • stack sampling trains;
  • occupational monitoring systems; and
  • a range of ambient air quality instruments.

To provide a framework for the overall operations of the company, we have developed and implemented the following management systems:

  • Quality Assurance;
  • Occupational Health and Safety;
  • Source Emission Monitoring Manual; and
  • Ambient Air Monitoring Manual.

The Air Noise Environment Pty Ltd Quality Assurance System is compliant with all relevant requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 17025. Our quality assurance system was recently subject to a third party audit and we were commended on the usability and the level of implementation of the system.

Air Noise Environment Pty Ltd has an in-house Occupational Health and Safety System that must be followed by all personnel. All of our technical personnel have Blue Cards and Senior First Aid certification. Our in-house quality and health and safety documentation has been subject to external third party review by a major oil company and was found to be compliant with their requirements.

In 2008, our in-house QA system was subject to an initial audit by NATA with a view to the company obtaining third party accreditation of our in-house procedures and monitoring methods. NATA concluded that the appropriate management systems have been implemented by Air Noise Environment, and are suitable for us to obtain third party accreditation. We are presently finalising our preparations for the certification audits, with a view to achieving full third party accreditation.

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