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Event Noise Management
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Event Noise Management

Event Noise Management specialises in the provision of noise management and noise control advice for live entertainment events and venues. Event Noise Management has strong capabilities in acoustics, backed up by extensive practical experience in the effective management of entertainment noise.

For live entertainment venues and events, effective and pro-active management of noise may be a requirement of the development approval or liquor licensing process. Our approach is to work closely with the venue and event managers, production team and sound engineers to ensure that regulatory requirements are met without compromising sound quality at the event.

Event Noise Management provide a range of services to support the fulfilment of noise-related requirements for live entertainment events. These include-

Pre-Event Management:
  • Development and Licence Applications
  • Acoustic Modelling and Prediction
  • Sound Propagation and Insulation Testing
  • Background Noise Monitoring
  • Determination of Appropriate Noise Limits

Management During Event:
  • Noise Monitoring to Assess Compliance
  • Advice Regarding Noise Control
  • Liaison with Production Team
  • Complaint Response
  • Liaison with Regulatory Agencies

Post-Event Management:
  • Regulatory and Community Liaison
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Management Advice for Future Events