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Air Noise Environment

Air Noise Environment is a specialist scientific and engineering consultancy with key expertise in the fields of air quality and acoustics, and broader experience in the general environmental management field. The services we offer cover the full range of air quality and acoustic assessments, including monitoring, computational modelling, assessment and development of control solutions. The company commenced operations in 1998 and the practice is now one of the largest and most respected air quality and acoustic consultancies in Australia. As an organisation our overall objective is to provide soundly based, independent, scientific advice to our clients. Specifically, we aim to:
  • deliver high quality consultancy services in a timely manner;
  • provide technical excellence, innovation and quality in all aspects of the products and services offered; and
  • contribute to the development of practicable environmental solutions through fundamental and applied research and by exchanging knowledge and experience with industrial, government and commercial organisations.
To provide a framework for the day to day operations of the company, we have implemented an ISO 17205 third party accredited quality assurance system. ISO 17205 incorporates all of the requirements of ISO 9001 as well as having broader requirements specific to field and laboratory testing. Our scientific and engineering staff offer over 50 years combined expertise in the services identified on this website. This gives us the capability and knowledge to provide these services in-house, regardless of the technical challenges. Because of this, we are regularly contracted by some of the largest and most highly regarded multi-disciplinary environmental and engineering consultancies to complete technically challenging projects that are beyond their in-house capabilities